My name is Etuonu Uboh and I am a singer songwriter of Nigerian and Austrian decent. If you like what you  hear please support me by spreading the word. You can find and support me on various Social-Media platforms. Links to all platforms I am represented on can be found all over the webpage.

But just incase you want all platforms and contact details on page follow this link “Support Me on!”.

Chances are some of my songs may appeal to you and others may not. The beauty of music, in my opinion,  is that it can touch you in many different ways. From like to dislike, from cool to uncool or even from love to hate, anything is possible and valid. If there is something you would like to share with me after listening to my music hey feel free to get in touch.

Glad you found your way here and I am looking forward to having you as a guest on my Webpage.

Enjoy your stay and see you at one of my next concerts.

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