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Etuonu Uboh is a singer songwriter of Austrian and Nigerian decent. Etuonu loves what he does and so do those who have heard him live on stage. A sweet and soft voice, singing lovely ballads just for you. 

“I write songs that i can relate to. If people like my songs I am happy they do and i am glad they can relate to it their own way. ”
The fun part of writing music is sharing it with an audience and seeing how it moves them or not. Many of his awesome tunes have captured his crowd’s attention in live performances, songs such as Human, Run Baby Run and Whoohoo. Etuonu clearly belongs to those artists that needs to be seen and heard live on stage.

Since 2011 Etuonu has been the front man of a band called  STERNpunktSTERN. STERNpunktSTERN are an Austrian POP/Rock combo based in Vienna. Other projects Etuonu has been a part of are Soul Chemistry  and Blackfinger (front man/and lyric composer).

Etuonu has shared the stage with numerous artists such as, Bo Skovhus, Joni Madden, Christian Kolonovits, Mario Berger, Erich Schleyer, X-pact and Arno Unterlass (STERNpunktSTERN). Arno Unterlass by the way is not only one of the best gitarist around but also designes excellent studio furniture.

Our Twitter feed is currently unavailable but you can visit our official twitter page @etuonuuboh.

My moment (lyrics to one of my songs for “Maleek”)
This is my moment my moment with you , every day when I wake I miss you.
I might not have shown it to proud and to dumb, i’d give away everything the air in my lungs
This is my failure the on thing I know, I will regret till the day that I go.
Nothing can bring back those moments I’ve lost, strangers forever my child at what cost.

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